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Progress water project Ratankot 2014

The Water project has been progressing and taking shape in the last few months. Since the visit of Francesca and Nathalie, the dry season allows the people of Ratankot to deliver the material needed for the construction of the water tanks and pipeline system that is crucial for the functioning of the water system. The works are going on IN PARTS: of the two sub-villages, Ratankot 7 and Ratankot 8, few water sources at the time are started and finalized, with the manual work of the villagers and the collaboration of GreenThara charity organization. This strategy is based on the estimated time needed for starting and ending the works at each source in light of the number of households (family houses that will be supplied by the running water system) and complexity of the work (it’s a mountain environment, not to forget that!!). While the works progress, we, as Support4Nepal organization, ask a report by the in situ delegated persons (namely Karma Lama and his brother Shyam Khumar Lama) in order to be updated of the progress. At the same time, when the money is needed, they can ask us to send it after a book account file is delivered to us with the list of the costs. Following are some of the report e-mails we received by Karma. The English has been corrected in order to make it more easily understandable!!! Enjoy the reading!!! Tashi delek, Namaste!

Report Ratankot Water Project till date : 16‎ ‎februari‎ ‎2014
Karma Lama e-mail:
The water project is running very well. In Goimase (Ratankot 7) water source we have put all the pipelines and the water tank has been finished.
In Ratankot 8 higher part – we finished putting the pipelines in Gewa Dhara and Angeri water surces.
Now we are busy building the taps lines for each house that is served by these three water sources. All the villagers are working together and are very happy to see the progress happening and finishing before the monsoon arrive!! They are very thankful towards you dear friends and the sponsors. Many many thanks!!

Tashi Delek!

Report Ratankot Water Project till date : 24‎ ‎februari‎ ‎2014
Karma Lama e-mail:
I went to Ratankot and spent four days there. I visited the water project and checked the progresses.
Everything is running very well. As I mentioned before, now we are starting the second fase of the water sources. We started with Vate Woder (Ratankot 7), Kalo Woder (Ratankot 8) . Now in Goimase and Gewa Dhara we are connecting the pipelines to the tap system and we collect the stones to build the “sink” of the taps for each house.

Thank you!!

Report Ratankot Water Project till date: 3 Mar 2014
Karma Lama e-mail:
Till now : we finished all the pipelines (water sources: GOPI KHOLA, GEWA DHARA and POKHARI) and we are finalizing to connect them to the 30 households taps lines and 2 community taps lines. All in total there are 32 water taps soon ready for the tap construction. All the 30 families of the interested houses are collecting the stones for their private tap sinks. We finished the water reserved tank and intake and source water tank.
Families Names list:
(1)Nima Dorjee Lama(2)Dhan Bahadur lama(3)Ganesh lama(4)Dhan Badhur lama -B(5)Dal Badhur Lama (6)Chakra Badhur Negi(7)Pema Negi(8)Dhan Bhadur Negi(9)Pema Moktan(10)Krishna Badhur Thapa(11)Ramesh Thapa (13)Tanka Bahadur Thapa(14)Padam Bahadur B.K(15)Rose Bahadur Lama(16)Chalan Bahadur Lama(17)Bayan lama (18)Share Bahadur Lama(19)Lal Bahadur Lama(20)Man Bahadur Thapa(21)Tika Dhouj Thapa(22)Padam Bahadur Thapa(23)Chandra Thapa (24)Topas Thapa(25)Gita Thapa(26)Kumar Thapa(27)Gan Bahadur Thapa(28)Kedar Thapa (29)Tilak Bahadur Thapa(30) Bal Bahadur Thapaand two more community tap.  a total of 32 families in upper ratankot.

We finished all the pipelines and the connection to the taps line for GOIMASI water source. Connecte to it there are only 14 households and two community taps, all a total of 16 taps. Now the people are collecting the stones for the sink of the taps. We finished the water reserved tank, intake tank, and source small tank .
Family Names list:
(-1),Som Badhur Thapa,(2)Kadak Badhur Thapa.(3)Netra Badhur Thapa (4)Tila Bahadur Thapa(5)Bhakta Bahadur Thapa-A (6)Bhakta Bhadur Thapa -B (7)Nar Bahadur Thapa(8)Gukul Dhouj Thapa (9)Lok Bahadur Thapa(10)Kamal Bahadur Thapa(11)Lal Bahadur Thapa(12)Ambar Bahadur Thapa(13)Bishnu BahadurThapa (14)Tanka Bahadur Thapa and two more community taps. A total of 16 tap for Goimasi source.

All the 48 house holds have the water but still tap is under the contruction. we transport cement and sand. Within one month all the 48 taps are ready as “example tap” in Ratankot.
Now we start to make sample tap in community hall. All the water taps will be same in all Ratankot.

Now we are starting the new water sources in Ratankot -7: VATE WODER and Ratankot 8 KAL WODER.. The villagers finished making the hole for the pipelines and we have to transport water pipes to this two source as soon as possible.

We are putting all our energies to make this progress as fast as possible. We have phone calls every day and meetings also every three days. Now the work is going fast, I hope you will understand the conditions in which the project is running. We are very grateful to all of you!!!